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Michael Bruneau is an artist and educator of Métis and Franco-Ontarian descent. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, he now works out of Ottawa, Canada.

Michael’s artistic education is rooted in a Concentration in Fine Arts that he completed while studying English literature at the University of Ottawa. This background was expanded upon by self-study and painting courses at the Ottawa School of Art.

Michael’s paintings focus on traditional and contemporary Canadian imagery while exploring ideas of travel, confinement and escape. The interplay between species and the blending of spaces features prominently in his art. This creates images and stories that are at once alien and familiar, past and present, simplistic and complex.  His subject matter is pulled from travels throughout North America, literature, history and music.

“My paintings are distillations of ideas or conversations – be they about family, nature, death or love – compositions that invite the viewer to participate. I like to use bright colours and repetitive elements to create music on the canvas, or to reflect a shared history – a shared experience.”

Michael’s work continues to pursue the goal of creating aesthetically-pleasing pieces of art that reveal and illuminate the natural and the constructed world.